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SW Michigan Dust Control

You watch from your office window as another vehicle passes leaving in its wake a billowing cloud of dust that settles on everything in the surrounding area coating it with a layer of residue. Your employees are upset and consistently complain about the filth. Visibility is reduced making the situation even worse since now you may have a liability issue on your hands. You let out a huge sigh of frustration wondering if there’s an answer to dust suppression. No matter what you call it—fugitive dust, particulate emission, dirt, or grime, it’s all the same. There’s hope thanks to Commercial Property Maintenance! We can help you mitigate, suppress, abate, and manage that irritating fine, dry powder consisting of tiny particles of earth. With our own fleet of specially designed spray trucks, we can service any type and size of SW Michigan dust control projects. CPM’s drivers are knowledgeable and efficient due to years of experience spraying rural roads, quarries, driveways, construction sites, festival sites, haul roads, ball fields, and horse arenas. You aren’t just purchasing a dust control product; you’re buying quality customer service and expertise in dust management. We offer a one-time application or seasonal rate depending on your needs.

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Our parking lot for our store was so dusty that our customers started complaining. Wasn’t sure who to call or where to turn to. I was so blessed I came across Commercial Property Maintenance, they were very prompt and took care of the situation right away!

Now we have happy customers who don’t have to worry about getting their car washed after visiting us!

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