What is Dethatching?

Over the years, your lawn builds up a layer of dead grass that lies in between the soil and your grass. This layer is called Thatch. Normally, this layer serves to retain moisture in the soil, and as it breaks down, it provides essential nutrients to your lawn to keep it green and growing. However, if this layer builds up to be too dense, it can choke out your lawn, killing the grass. You may notice your lawn does not grow as well as it used to, or it isn’t as green as it used to be. Slow growth and dead yellow patches throughout your lawn are symptoms of a dense thatch problem. What to do? By dethatching, or power raking, you stop that dense layer from choking out your lawn, giving your grass the room it needs to grow, and allowing the essential nutrients to reach the soil where it can feed your grass. Dethatching, when done properly, also helps to control those nasty weeds that always seem to pop up in your yard. With our dethatching equipment, Dethatching is most effective when done in the spring or fall of the year. In the spring, you get rid of the thatch and weeds before your grass starts to grow, giving your lawn a head start. In the fall you eliminate the thatch, weeds and dead grass that have built up in your lawn over the past season before you put it to bed for the winter. When coupled with seeding, dethatching can be a quick, easy way to give your lawn a makeover without ripping the whole thing up and starting from scratch!

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